Enlarge Text in Early Or All

Obviously for pemblogger many ways that he traveled to for the sake of the beauty, the weight of the contents, impressions and visitors are coming, now with larger writing tricks certainly one placement if used as headings or important things, to the writing in bold. Examples of T used early writings.
Will your blog Beautiful ?........
Let's try it this way:


The trick is very simple:
  1. Sign your blog ---> Draft ---> Edit HTML --->
  2. Find the code (Ctrl + F) like this;]]> </ b: skin>
  3. Copy the code below and place it right above]]> </ b: skin>

    .RizkyGarut {
    font-family:trebuchet ms,verdana;

    Want More of the writing, could be changed to 40px in the above code as you wish, as well as color and writings,
  4. To write in her posts to use this code:
    a. If in writing perbesat all:
    <span class="RizkyGarut"> WANTS INPUT enlarge </ span>

    b. If the title above:
    <span class="RizkyGarut">O</span>


<center> <span class="RizkyGarut">EXAMPLE</span></center>

The result is:

Heart A Father
With an atmosphere like this is, I must be far apart with Wife, Children and Families.

My son Beloved!,
You must be strong, patient, steadfast and so children sholihah. Because you're different from other children. Papa and Mamah left it all for the sake of your future and forgive as much as possible is done for the sake of us all. Maybe when Papa made ​​this, you are not ideology and understanding of reading and its contents, someday when you're big and hopefully more adults will understand it all.

My son darling!.
Papa on how sinful because Allah SWT have remotely by yourself and menelantarkanmu, up until the second Papa of this writing, we still can not be together. Only by grace Allohlah everything and try to continue to run as soon as possible hopefully we can come together as people can enjoy being with her ​​family.

My son darling!.
Do not be sad and embarrassed by this situation, Papa sure behind all of Allah Almighty knows best, hope towards a better and better sustainability.
But it must think, Papa and Mama could not forever, maybe only moments from the rest of this age, be useful for you people make your hands thoroughly and to love someone, your heart the lights, your feet bring good to people, make all your body to thoat on Allah SWT .

My son Amanah Allah SWT!.
Papa and Mama sorry can not show the way / provide moral education as moral glory brought Rosululloh Majesty Muhammad, even if you ditipkan diorang through school, teaching, religious education and others, learn to be good for one day you are navigating adult life where they have got time guidance of Allah SWT / maturity.
Papa and Mama are responsible before Allah Almighty, if you're not good, how unfortunately Papa and Mama dihadapn Him. (Rizky Garut)

Congratulations !!!!, not easy work, success for all!.